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Moving to a new home in Saigon can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the perfect location. With 24 districts, how do you choose between one and another, especially when there is the budget and transit time to consider? We help you find the best neighborhood for your next home with our selection of the coolest Saigon districts!


Saigon Districts Guide


The ultimate Saigon must-see, District 1 is the urban center of Ho Chi Minh City and an exciting location to live in. You will find there most of Saigon shopping malls, Western restaurants, clubs, and bars.

At the center of the reverse L-shaped District 1 (or “D1”) lies the long “walking street” (Nguyen Hue street). It stretches from the old French town hall and borders Bitexco tower, Saigon’s iconic skyscraper. This part of D1, from Ly Tu Trong and Le Thanh Ton streets to the Saigon River, includes most of the dining, shopping, and nightlife premium locations of all Saigon districts. Obviously, renting an apartment there can get expensive but you definitely can find good opportunities if you plan on living in the center of the action.

One of the highlights in District 1 is “Little Japan” on Le Thanh Ton and Tai Van Lung streets, where a strong Japanese community resides.


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Separated into 2 parts, District 2 is mostly known for Thao Dien ward on the north side, one of the expat neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City. It includes some of the most prestigious international schools, as well as modern high-rise apartments building and villas compounds.

Thao Dien radiates a peculiar laid-back atmosphere, compared to other Saigon districts, with its variety of organic markets, beer craft bars, and Western delicatessen shops. You can also visit your regular collection of Vietnamese street food stalls, restaurants, spas, and malls. If you like to cycle around with your family on Sundays and to keep your kids’ school close at hand, then Thao Dien is your place.

On the south side of the Hanoi highway, many apartments building are emerging. The Thu Thiem New Urban Area, facing District 1, will redefine District 2 in the near future.


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District 3 is contiguous to District 1 and conveniently located nearby the center of Saigon. It remains nonetheless underrated among Saigon districts.

D3 sits in a perfect location from which you can access the whole city while experiencing the traditional Saigon local life. You will also find a lot of markets, restaurants, street food, and coffee shops. Moderate rental prices and convenient location make District 3 a good compromise if you want to remain close to the center.


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Binh Thanh District is at the crossroad between Saigon districts 1 and 2. This area is a mix of densely populated apartments building and some quiet and confidential small alleys.

This is a great place for you if you want to avoid the expat bubbles and be close to D1. On the north end of Binh Thanh district, you will find Thanh Da Island where you can get a glimpse at rural Vietnam, with rice paddies and lotus fields.


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District 4 forms its own small island, between District 1 on one side and District 7 on the other side.

Cross the Saigon river and you are right in the middle of the action. As a result, D4 is close enough to the city center. The area was notorious for its past with organized crime and the infamous Năm Cam, the Godfather of Saigon. However, District 4 today is far safer and is well-known for its cheap but delicious street food, particularly seafood.


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On the left side of District 1, this district is Saigon’s Chinatown, also known as Cholon.

District 5 has the largest market in town, as well as some ancient pagodas and traditional Chinese houses. This part of Saigon is also famous for its yummy Chinese restaurants.



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District 7 is one of the major expat areas and gathers a large Korean community.

At the center of D7, the Phu My Hung area is the most sought-after neighborhood with modern shopping malls, international schools, and residential areas. Furthermore, this part of town feels different from the other districts, with large and traffic-free streets, and wide open spaces. If you appreciate the suburb lifestyle apart from the hustle of the city center, District 7 is a good fit for you.



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