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Can I sign the documents remotely or do I need to travel to Vietnam?

You need to travel to Vietnam at least once, at least half a day, as you need to prove that you can enter Vietnam legally (valid visa or resident card).

However, you can travel to Vietnam first, and make a purchase decision later.

The rest can be done remotely, via a notarized authorization, including the signing of the contract.

We will assist you to complete every step and provide you with detailed guidelines so that you can plan accordingly.


Does the law authorize foreigners to buy property legally in Vietnam?

The Housing Law (Housing Law No. 65/2014/QH13), which came into effect on July 1, 2015, allows foreigners to purchase real estate in Vietnam, and the only condition is to enter Vietnam legally (the arrival stamp on the passport).

However, the law sets a quota for apartments purchased by foreign owners (30% per building), and foreigners can own properties for up to 50 years (renewable).

Other than the above limitations, foreigners enjoy the same rights as Vietnamese citizens to lease, transfer or resell a property.

Some essential steps require assistance though: due diligence of the property, preparation of mandatory documents for the buyer and seller (identity card / passport, invoices, sales contract, handover record…), signing the deposit agreement, and reviewing the contract or Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) in Vietnamese and English.


Will I be able to sell or lease my property?

Yes, you can sell or lease your property in Ho Chi Minh City and we can assist you with both.

We also offer comprehensive property management and broker services.

Contact us for a free consultation!


What is the market price?

Prices vary in Ho Chi Minh City’s most popular areas from $3,000 to $10,000+ per square meter, depending on the location, the developer, the property segment, and whether you buy on the primary or secondary market.


What taxes and costs should I pay?

The tax structure is especially favorable in Vietnam for property investments.

There is no property tax and no capital gains tax.

Also, notary fees are very moderate (no notary fee for new developments, and less than 0,01% of the transaction value on the secondary market).

Once you choose to resell your property, there’s a 2% income tax applicable to the sale price.

We manage each step, from filling out documents to paying all taxes and fees on your behalf.

Before you proceed, we will provide you with complete price structures to estimate your come back on investment.


How can we work together?

We offer free consultations to:

  • Understand the type of investment you are considering,
  • Assess your average budget,
  • Define your investment schedule.

If you decide to complete your property purchase project in Vietnam, we will handle property selection, negotiation, and contract review in English and Vietnamese.

We can also provide you with interior design and decoration, as well as property management services for your apartment rental.

Whether you live abroad or in Vietnam, we will adjust according to your communication preferences: email, phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or others.


Where can I invest with you?

We focus on Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, where we have established a strong professional network, from the real estate developers and brokers, to the interior designers and construction contractors.


Purchase/re-sale/leasing is allowed for foreigners. All you need is a visa!


There is no Stamp Duty nor Capital Gains Tax! Don’t miss the opportunity!


Strong economic fundamentals and rapid urbanization drive the market!


Properties start at $3,000/sqm with a wide range of products

- Legal Aspects of Buying a Property as a Foreigner in Vietnam -
Who is allowed to purchase apartment in Vietnam?
Is there fees ?
Is it possible to lease out property?
Is there limited bank loans?
All foreigners who have been granted a visa in Vietnam are allowed to purchase apartment units. Quota on foreign ownership does exist. Foreigners can buy up to 30% of the total units in a complex. Tenure is 50 year lease however renewal possibility does exist. Foreigners married to Vietnamese citizens enjoy freehold tenure.
Fees are as follows: - Value Added Tax (VAT): 10% - Registration fee of the Land Use Right (Pink Book): 0.5% of purchase price - Annual land tax: progressive tax from 0.03% - 0.15% - Notary fee: 1 million VND minimum and capped at 10 million VND. No stamp duty, property tax nor Capital Gains Tax exist however Personal Income Tax (PIT) does exist (2% of transacted resale value).
Leasing out properties is allowed in Vietnam as long as you notify the authority that you plan to do so. Renting however incurs a 10% rental tax (5% fixed PIT and additional 5% rental VAT).
Limited bank loans do exist for foreigners if their spouse is Vietnamese.
- How to Purchase a Property -

Place a deposit and sign a Deposit Contract Agreement.


Agree on Sales & Purchase Agreement.


Apply and submit documents for Ownership Certificate (Pink Book).

Pay the 1st instalment and subsequent payments according to the schedule.


Upon handover, pay maintenance and registration fees.


Pay the final instalment within 14 days of notice to receive the Ownership Certificate.

- My Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City -

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